Working with Peter... A models perspective.

Areti Katsouda, TEAM Modelmanagement, & Miss Star Thessaly 2015 "Peter is a GREAT photographer. He is a person that will make you relax, laugh, he teaches poses and you will definitely have a nice time. He is also very professional, keeping the distance that any model needs to feel comfortable and secure. Maybe, one of my best photoshootings ever, because I enjoyed it so much. We spent the whole day on the beach! If you see the result, I am pretty sure you will choose Peter for any photoshooting project! I totally recommend him! And I will definitely work with him again if I ever get the chance to do so!"

Xenia Papazoglou, TEAM Modelmanagement "Very professional photographer and really nice work! Happy to have worked with Peter!!"

Joanna Kapadai, Newmodel Agency 

Katerina Dimitriou, Modelpro Model Agency

Great photographer and Great Person! Pleasure to work with Peter ❤️

Daniella Francesca Rusmigo "Modelling for Peter is an awesome experience, and everything seems far easier and comfortable. It was extremely fun and welcoming to say the least. I'm grateful for this experience, and let people everywhere know of his awesomeness."

Anna Dmytrenko "I really liked working with Peter Stavrinides. It was easy and productive. Three hours of photo shooting went very quickly! We got a lot of great photos and I'm satisfied with the result."

Vinny Lo, PTG Modelling Agency "I enjoyed working with Peter Stavrinides because he is easy to work with, great at communicating creative concepts while keeping the energy on set comfortable and enthusiastic. After working with him, I was not surprised to see how amazing the photos came out, I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again."

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