Getting to Know Your Photographer, Peter Stavrinides

Where am I from?

I was born to Greek parents and raised in Johannesburg, so I guess that makes me a South African Greek. I had a great childhood in SA, but I eventually moved to Europe in 2002, settling in Cyprus with my family. I like to travel often, and especially back to my home country, I have never lost touch with my roots.

Why do I love photography?

I have always excelled at art, sketching and painting throughout my adolescence. I taught myself to draw by imitating graphic novels and sketching portraits, I drew inspiration from magazines and famous art works i encountered when studying Art History.

Encouraged by my mothers love for art and photos, by the age of 19 I bought an SLR and started developing film and fell in love with photography. Capturing the expressions of people and the beauty of the human form has always intrigued me. There is nothing I enjoy more than elevating peoples confidence through portraiture.

How Did I Come to Specialize in Swimwear Photography?

Every photographer wants to express themselves through their art, and I am no different, except I grew up playing sports, and was an accomplished athlete. I loved the publication Sports Illustrated, It was a major part of my youth, and a connection to a lifestyle that I aspire towards. In parallel I studied advertising, and was involved in commercial fashion, advertising and swimwear campaigns .

Why I feel I am exceptional at this genre.

Understanding fashion, art and sports so intimately is strangely rare, and yet a powerful combination that can produce wonderful results. I have been fortunate work on large productions with a few of the top models of our generation, and learned a lot from these experiences. I am never satisfied, always trying to improve, and proud to have helped models to launch and grow their careers, as well as helped my clients to sell their products through high quality work.

Brief Biography

Peter is a student of fine art, design and photography. Peter attended the AAA (Association of Advertising Agencies) school of advertising, which is the official higher education institution for the South African advertising industry, and later attended the University of Portsmouth, and received a Masters Degree (MSc) in Computer Science.  He is experienced as a photographer, retoucher & visual artist for over 20 years. Peter has developed a visual style influenced by his strong connection to people and nature. Peter is in love with what he does, and this ultimately shows in his images.

Peter works throughout Europe, but Cyprus is currently his home. For more information on Peter's work, or regarding employment opportunities, projects or even just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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