Brief Bio

Peter is a student of fine art, design and photography. From his very formative years is was clear that he had an aptitude for drawing and painting. Peter attended the AAA (Association of Advertising Agencies) school of advertising, which is the official higher education institution for the South African advertising industry, and later attended the University of Portsmouth, and received a Masters Degree (MSc) in Computer Science.

As a teenager Peter was drawn to airbrushing portraits, and would hone this talent for decades to master light and the human form to become a world class retoucher & visual artist. At 19 Peter bought his first film SLR, and soon the world became his canvas. For over 20 years Peter has developed his visual style, influenced by his strong connection to people and nature. Peter is in love with what he does, and this ultimately shows in his images.

Peter works throughout Europe, but Cyprus is currently his home. For more information on Peter's work, or regarding employment opportunities, projects or even just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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